Demonstrative Exhibits

Some concepts are difficult to convey with words alone. Saurian’s graphic design team is skilled in distilling complex information for a judge and jury.

Putting everything in the right perspective is often the key to a case. Saurian’s timelines lay out the important events in your case in a clear and understandable way.

Enlargements and Callouts
We can enlarge, mount and laminate black and white or full-color documents and photos, adding headlines, captions, arrows or other graphic elements to reveal important details.

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Interactive Graphics

PowerPoint and Keynote presentations can be an effective tool when you want to have a presentation that’s a little more dynamic than simple boards, or for a case that doesn’t warrant a full multimedia presentation.

Walk-through demonstratives are linked exhibits that show a schematic, and point of view photos. Walk-through demonstratives are a great way to show a judge and jury every angle of your case.

Linked Briefs
Document intensive briefs can be tedious to flip through and assemble. Saurian’s easy to navigate e-briefs link all references to the appropriate documents, making it easy to review – and often actually brief!