Video Allows A Judge Or Jury To Both See And Hear A Deponent’s Testimony

It brings to life important parts of the testimony that are impossible to capture on paper such as vocal tone, facial expression, demeanor and intonation of a deponent’s response.

A professional video recording can be the most practical and cost-effective solution for obtaining legal testimony, or preserving the record. At trial, video can add credibility to a witness, or be used to effectively impeach live testimony.

Since trial may be months or years away, video can preserve a witness’s recollection while it is still fresh. Additionally, sometimes expert witnesses may be unavailable, difficult to schedule, or very costly to bring to court.

Saurian produces video from a trial lawyer’s perspective. We understand crucial litigation deadlines, and the importance of accuracy and security.

Saurian depositions can be provided on DVD or e-delivered through the cloud.